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Pin Grading

In the Pins of Steele shop, I offer two grades of enamel pins: standard and minor flawed. I'll explain what each term means so you know just what to expect when you place your order.

You'll notice that I don't offer "flawless" pins. That's because all enamel pins are handmade, so almost none are 100% flawless. Instead, I sell standard pins, which may have the small faults that any enamel pin can be susceptible to during the production process.

Standard pins may have one of the following flaws in less noticeable areas:

➤ missing enamel or noticeably low enamel fill
➤ small bubbles or pinpricks, scuffs, smudges, or scratches
➤ slightly crooked or otherwise errant screenprint
➤ inaccurate color(s)
➤ foreign materials (like dust or fiber)
➤ chipped, dented, or tarnished metal

(These are just examples of common issues and flaws are not limited to these descriptions.)

The difference between standard pins and minor flawed pins is that minor flawed pins may contain more obvious or more than one of the above issues. These pins are made available at a discount.

No matter what, I will not sell pins with flaws that take away from the design (such as major errors on faces).

My basic rule of thumb is that a pin is considered standard if you can look at the pin straight on from a distance of about 18" without noticing obvious flaws. If a flaw is only visible if you tilt the pin in the light at an angle, or hold it up to your eye, or zoom in on it with your phone, then I'm not considering it a flaw. In addition, any discoloration on the reverse side of the pin is not counted as a flaw.

Standard pins may be returned or exchanged (minus a 15% restocking fee) on a case-by-case basis. Minor flawed pins are always FINAL SALE.

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