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ACNH Village Friends, Wave 1 (Artist: Chris Sanders)


  • Image of ACNH Village Friends, Wave 1 (Artist: Chris Sanders)
  • Image of ACNH Village Friends, Wave 1 (Artist: Chris Sanders)
  • Image of ACNH Village Friends, Wave 1 (Artist: Chris Sanders)
  • Image of ACNH Village Friends, Wave 1 (Artist: Chris Sanders)

TWO (2) PINS PER DESIGN PER PERSON LIMIT (that is, you can purchase two full sets for a total of 14 pins). Your order will be canceled and refunded if you exceed this limit. Thanks for your cooperation!

Jessica and her husband Chris have both been fans of "Animal Crossing" for years. The village on their dream island would be full of all sorts of furry friends: their beloved pets, characters from Chris's webcomic "KISKALOO," and, of course, their favorite ACNH residents. Jessica is building a collection of pins adapted from Chris's artwork, bringing to life "Animal Crossing"-inspired characters, but drawn in Chris's distinctive style.



BRODY - Jessica's rescued farm collie heart dog. Although Brody recently made the trip to the Rainbow Bridge at fifteen years old, he lives on here in his George Michael Bluth-esque Hawaiian shirt, sweet and brilliant but eternally concerned.

BUCK - Jessica and Chris's rescued St. Bernard/farm collie mix. Adopted by Jessica from the Emporia, Kansas animal shelter, not only is this goofy boy the same sort of mixed breed as Jack London's canine protagonist Buck from the book "The Call of the Wild," but his name at the shelter was even "Buckley"! It seemed meant to be that Buck(ley) went on to be the real-life reference for the CGI version of Buck in Chris's 2020 live-action film adaptation of this classic American novel. This pin depicts Buck wearing a puffy jacket to ward off the Yukon chill, along with his ever-present happy smile.

OGO - The main character from Chris Sanders' webcomic "KISKALOO" as he might appear in the world of "Animal Crossing"! (Basically, that just means he isn't nakie.) Ogo is, as usual, gleefully on his way to entertain himself (probably at the expense of others).



CRISP CAT - There's just something about this smug, no-nonsense cat. Is it his heterochromia? His artfully coiffed shock of blonde hair? The glasses? The vest? Who knows! But now you can bring him home, complete with a full coffee mug to fuel his plans for world domination via social media (and without depleting your entire stock of NMTs).

LAZY CAT - Pthhpth! This laidback purple kitty loves nothing more than talking to his bug friends, snacking, and napping. For this pin, he wears his classic flowered magenta T-shirt and has a sparkly icy-blue Popsicle to share with you.

TROPICAL FOX - Wolf? Fox? Whatever she is, this peppy villager has dreams of pop superstardom -- but she's happy to bring her sunny beach vibes to your island until she hits her big break. Adorbs!

CRANKY WOLF - In Chris and Jess's AC headcanon, this grumpy old man-wolf is a retired detective whose last unsolved case still haunts him. What's he doing on your island? Well, let's just say he has a hunch about one of your villagers. Definitely the guy you want with you on your late-night patrols. He's seen things.


Two different pin grade qualities are offered for purchase (depending on availability): standard grade pins, which may have small specks or scratches that occur during this handmade process, but are not easily visible; and minor flawed pins, which will have multiple small flaws that are more easily visible, but don’t take away from the look of the pin.

Minor flawed pins are especially good if you intend to wear your pins out and about, as you don’t have to be precious with them! By purchasing a minor flawed pin, you agree that it is FINAL SALE and not eligible for returns or refunds.

(Note: although we strive for accurate photographs, colors may vary depending on your computer monitor or device display.)

**Pins ship together via USPS First Class for a flat rate of US$4.00 domestically and US$15.00 internationally (we do not currently ship to the UK or EU), and you can upgrade to Priority Mail with the "Shipping Add-Ons" listing.

Material: hard enamel
Plating: black nickel
Size: ≈ 2"/50.8mm (NOTE: Brody and Buck are each 2.5mm thick (oops!), while the other pins are the more standard 1.5mm thick)
Effects: screenprint, glitter (Tropical Fox’s sunglasses lenses; Lazy Cat’s Popsicle)
Open edition

Follow Chris Sanders on Instagram: @chrissandersart

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