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Kawaii Shark Ita Bag

$50.00 - $60.00

  • Image of Kawaii Shark Ita Bag
  • Image of Kawaii Shark Ita Bag
  • Image of Kawaii Shark Ita Bag
  • Image of Kawaii Shark Ita Bag
  • Image of Kawaii Shark Ita Bag

Show the world your love for sharks with this convertible ita bag designed by Jessica Steele-Sanders. This bitey boi may look fierce, but remember, sharks aren't the monsters that movies make them out to be. All he wants to do is protect your favorite pins in his big, toothy mouth! This bag was designed specifically to complement “Rescue Sirens: Mermaids On Duty” pins, but it’s also the perfect home for ocean-themed pins or anything else you want to show off!

If you aren't familiar with ita bags, they're intended to display your favorite enamel pins or other memorabilia (pinback buttons, photographs, keychains) by way of a clear vinyl window. This Kawaii Shark bag is designed for ultimate ease of use, with a front chamber that lies flat when you unzip it and grants you easy access to the special compartment where your pins will live. The lining of the display compartment is a happy pink satin, and a removable pink satin "pin pillow" -- for affixing your pins -- is included with your purchase; however, if you want to change up your colors or you have multiple pin layouts to choose from, you can also cut stiffened felt (my favorite), craft foam, or even scrapbooking paper to fit for a quick, thrifty pin board.

See a template tutorial and FAQ here:

The bag's storage compartment is 10” tall by 9” wide (at its base) by 4" deep, providing you plenty of room for your phone, wallet, and other essentials; there's also a small zippered pocket inside for storing your cash or cards. The display compartment is 12.5” tall by 10” wide, with a triangular pin display area 9.5” tall by 8.5” wide (at the base).

Although the backpack-style prototype is currently pictured (I need to take updated photos!), the final form is convertible, featuring an adjustable strap that can be fastened to the bag to create a backpack OR clipped on the sides to wear as a shoulder or crossbody bag.

Want to save a few bucks? Adopt one of our minor flawed Kawaii Sharks! These sweet babies have small cosmetic issues (like tiny bumps, scratches, or specks on the surface of the material) that are only visible upon closer inspection, and they need homes, too! As always, there are no returns or exchanges on minor flawed products.


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