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Rescue Sirens x Planet Love Life Ghost Net Bracelets


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"Rescue Sirens" co-authors Jessica Steele-Sanders and Chris Sanders have been fans of Rob and Melody Webster's Planet Love Life since first discovering it a couple of years ago. What's Planet Love Life?

From their website (

"Planet Love Life is making waves to save lives: Ghost nets are the silent killers of the Ocean. Fishing nets & ropes entangle & kill over 100,000 marine animals every year. We have created bracelets from salvaged fishing nets. Each bracelet represents one of the 300+ marine animal species that are affected by fishing gear lost at sea. Buy a bracelet - save a life!"

Both Chris and Jessica have purchased multiple ghost net bracelets from Planet Love Life, to wear themselves as well as to give as gifts to their fellow ocean lovers, and now they're proud to offer their own series of salvaged ghost net bracelets inspired by the lifeguard mermaids of "Rescue Sirens"!

Crafted with love by Planet Love Life, the bracelets are available in six different colors and varying widths/textures:

1. "Rescue Sirens" Red & White (two thin ropes, single knot)
2. Nim Aqua Seafoam (single thick rope)
3. Kelby Coral Pink (single thick, wavy rope)
4. Echo Navy Blue (single thin rope, three knots)
5. Pippa Purple (single thick, wavy rope)
6. Maris Marigold (single thick, wavy rope)

Each bracelet is adjustable using a lobster clasp from about 6"-7.5" and includes a custom etched "Rescue Sirens" charm (photos forthcoming). While a ghost net's durability poses incredible risks to animal life out in the ocean, here on land it means that your bracelet is waterproof, and resistant to corrosion from both fresh and salt water. Talk about turning a negative into a positive!

Not only can you feel good about keeping these pieces of ghost net safely away from sea creatures, but your money is directly helping the plastic pollution problem, too -- 15% of net proceeds from the sale of these bracelets will be donated to Earth's Oceans Foundation (, a California-based non-profit organization dedicated to repurposing plastic waste to reduce (and one day eliminate) the presence of plastic in the world's oceans and on its beaches.

(Photograph graciously provided by Planet Love Life.)

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